Karma Manager = Anagram Maker

Karma Manager is an Anagram Maker. It will take your input and find sets of words that have the same letters.
You can choose the main dictionary of words it should use, and can also choose to add in groups of words.
If you turn on Advanced Features, you can provide phases which should be included, as well as words you wish to exclude.

This implementation runs entirely in your browser. The only things transmitted back to my website are the dictionaries and word lists that are downloaded. However, it also fetches AngularJS from a google server, and I dont know what kind of tracking they do. A warning though, if you give it a very complex input and/or ask it to generate a lot of anagrams, it can cause your brwoser to become slow or even crash.
I'm always looking for feedback, so if you have any, just click on the link on the bottom of the page to email me.

Input words:

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Searching using words from the dictionaries

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Copyright 2021,2023 (of the web implementation) by Mitch "Pneumatic Death" Patenaude (email)
(with thanks to the author of the 80's Mac Shareware)